3 Sisters 15th August 2004


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3 Sisters is a kart track near Wigan with various possible course layouts. This event did two laps as per the map below.


3 Sisters Course Map.



The following two pictures were taken by fellow Nottingham Sports Car Club competitor Gary Thomas.


Morris Minor.


Morris Minor.

Even though 3 Sisters is a kart track it is quite wide. The course has quite a lot of run off
marked by baled tyres.


Set Up: The set up is the same as the last run at Harewood on the 1st August. On this run the car has never felt so good.

Springs: As before (Front 170 lb/inch, Rear 200 LB/inch)
ARB: Drop link on the rocker in the outer hole and 25mm from the neutral line, softer.
Dampers: Front Bump 6, Rebound 6. Rear Bump 4, Rebound 3.
Differential : 3.91 Open (7 1/2")

Weather warm and dry.

1st Practice Run
Time 86.85 secs.

Notes: I really attacked the course. The car was quite oversteery and consequently the run seemed untidy as I was always correcting oversteer. At the end of Conrod straight on the bend to Penrith climb on the final lap the car oversteered. I think it was bottoming out on the bump stops as I was no where close to the cornering limit. ARB drop link moved 50mm along the bar to make it stiffer for Practice Run 2.

2nd Practice Run
Time: No time.

Notes: No time recorded on this run as I came off the track (twice!) I had gone along Conrod straight and turned right towards The Esses and understeered into a pile of tyres (only 2 tyres high). This scattered the tyres and the run was red flagged. I was given another run even though I had caused the problem. On the second run I thought I had better take it easy but understeered off again at the end of Rogersons Straight! The first incident with the tyres put a small crack in the bumper and bent the sill finisher.

So for the 1st Timed Run I moved the ARB drop link 25mm along the bar to make it softer.

1st Timed Run
Time: 90.42 secs

Notes: I drove very steadily on this run as I did not want to come off the track. The car felt balanced. Still oversteer on the last bend.

2nd Timed Run
Time 88.13 secs.

Notes: Concentrated on keeping the car on the track and driving smoothly. Car still balanced.

Conclusions: Moving the ARB drop link 50mm makes a huge difference to the handling. A balanced car at one track does not mean it will be OK for another track. The suspension is too soft if the track is bumpy or has depressions that will compress the suspension. I came away disappointed from 3 Sisters as I did not record a time that I thought representative of what I and the car could do.