3 Sisters 2nd October 2004


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3 Sisters is a kart track near Wigan with various possible course layouts. This event was a 1 lap run.


3 Sisters Course Map.

Set Up: .

Springs: As before (Front 170 lb/inch, Rear 200 LB/inch)
ARB: Drop link on the rocker in the middle hole and neutral line.
Dampers: Front Bump 6, Rebound 6. Rear Bump 4, Rebound 3.
Differential : 3.91 LSD (7")

Weather not raining but wet and slippy

1st Practice Run
Time 62.82 secs.

Notes: Very slippy with no grip off the line. I tried to drive very steady. Lots of mid corner and corner exit under steer. Mike Geen in his Peguot 205 ran 62.12 sec. He runs very similar times to me at Harewood and I use his time as a bench mark.

For the 2nd run I removed the front anti roll bar.

2nd Practice Run
Time: 57.08 secs

Notes: Still wet and slippy. I was very steady off the line and still had under steer in the bends. Mike Geen 58.03 secs.

1st Timed Run
Time: 55.77 secs

Notes: Track drying. More grip. Good off the line. Oversteer in the bend at the end of the pit straight but easily controlled. Mike Geen 54.04secs

2nd Timed Run
Time 54.09 secs.

Notes: The ARB was refitted for this run, middle hole on the rocker but the slider towards the soft end. The track was dry with a few damp patchs. The car seemed to roll a lot and bounce around the corners.

3rd Timed Run
Time No time noted.

Notes: car felt composed and much better.