Thoresby Sprint 18th September 2004


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Thoresby sprint is at Thoresby Hall near Nottingham. It is a country house and the event takes place on the estates roads. The course is mainly straights with very tight bends and chicanes.

Car Set Up: I do not have any notes on the car set up in my note book but presume it is my standard setup.
Springs: (Front 200 LB/inch, Rear 250 LB/inch)
ARB: Drop link on the rocker in the middle hole and the neutral position on the bar.
Dampers: Front Bump 6, Rebound 6. Rear Bump 4, Rebound 3.
Differential : 3.91 LSD (7")

The suspension was not changed all day.


Practice 1 Track dry with damp patches.

64ft......2.65 secs
Time.....59.82 secs.

Notes: The bends and chicanes are so tight I need first gear. Getting into first is difficult in my car and I had a few bad changes. I noticed my brake proportioning valve had wound all the way out. This was adjusted back to my default setting.

Practice 2 Wet

64ft......2.84 secs
Time.....58.93 secs.

Notes: Brakes so much better!!

Run 1 Track damp with many wet patchs.

64ft......2.93 secs
Time.....57.23 secs.

Notes: I was 17th overall on this run!!! My best ever performance! I used 2nd gear at some of the chicanes instead of first. I was getting lots of wheel tramp even when changing into 3rd!

Run 2

64ft......2.67 secs
Time.....58.98 secs.

Notes: The first section of the track was dry then wet under the trees, oil after the 2nd chicane. Missed 1st gear twice.


Summary: The course doesn't suit my car. It does not like going into first gear at racing speeds and I feel if I continued with changes into first I will break something. My first timed run in the wet was a big surprise, but thinking why I was so fast it does make sense. The corners were so slow it did not really matter what car you had (racing or road) they could only be taken slowly and the actual time to be lost or gained in the wet was minimal. I could also accelerate nearer the limit of my tyres much easier than the race cars with their peaky power delivery. My soft suspension also helps with grip under power and when braking. Plus my brake proportioning valve puts more bias to the rear under low pedal pressures (ie low grip situations) so I always get the optimum brake balance.