Harewood 15th May 2004


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My second event saw me at my local track (3 miles from home) Harewood Hillclimb. I have been spectating here for many years and had two passenger rides up the hill many years ago. The course actually goes downhill to start with before then climbing back up the hill.

The course is 1448.25 metres long. The map is from www.harewoodhill.co.uk


My car in the padock.

The day was warm and dry.


I was lucky that many people took pictures of my car and let me have the results.

The following 6 were taken by Ian Morrison.

Willow Bend

Willow Bend.
This bend is fast with very little run off. I take it in 2nd but 3rd should be possible
when I can be more committed.


Orchard Corner

Orchard Corner.
The first part of this bend is taken in 3rd with only a lift and lots of curb. The aim of the line is to keep
left for the 2nd part of the bend (the right hander).


Orchard Corner.

Orchard Corner.
I brake heavily and into second for this bend.


Farmhouse Bend.

On the straight before this bend I am in 3rd, I drop into 2nd and power around and out.
There is a great deal of discussion on the correct line around here. I think it important to get the power on early.
The electricity pole on the exit makes it interesting! I change into 3rd around this point.


Straight After Farmhouse Bend.

This is going up the straight after Farmhouse Bend.


Further Up The Straight

This is a bit further up the straight. Notice how far back I sit.



The following 3 pictures were taken by a student from Newcastle University.

Half way round Quarry Corner.
This corner has two parts. The first part is a long sweeping right hander which I enter at around 76mph,
then there is a very short steeper uphill section (where I am here) before the final sharp right hander.
I do not really know the correct way around this bend.


A bit further, and braking.


Starting to turn in.


The following 3 pictures were taken by David Lee.

Exiting Farmhouse Bend.

Farmhouse Bend.
This is another view of Farmhouse Bend and gives a better impression of how the corner looks.
I think I have run a bit wide here.


On the Straight After Farmhouse Bend.

On the straight after farmhouse bend.


The Tyre Warming Area.

The Tyre Warming Area.
There is a short section before the start where it is allowed to spin the wheels. In the background
you can see the sort of cars I compete against.


Car Set Up

As Harewood is twisty with tight bends I thought that the suspension should be softer.
Springs: As before (Front 170 lb/inch, Rear 200 LB/inch)
ARB: Front put back to a neutral position (the drop link vertical)
Dampers: Front Bump 4, Rebound 3. Rear Bump 2, Rebound 3.


1st Practice run: 64ft.....2.51, speed on the straight after Farmhouse Bend......75mph, time....73.47 secs.

2nd Practice run:
64ft .......2.46,
split 2.....25.12 secs ( before Country Corner)
split 3.....15.19 secs (exit of Orchard Corner)
split 4......16.55 secs (exit of Farmhouse Bend, this split shows the time around Farmhouse Bend)
split 5 .....11.43 secs (Finish Line)
time .....70.75 secs

Notes: I was very pleased with this run as under 70 secs on road tyres is a good time and I am getting close to that. The car seems to be putting the power down very well, however I can carry more speed into Quarry Corner.

1st Timed Run:
64ft........2.60 secs
split 2......24.99 secs
split 3......15.4 secs
split 4......16.95 secs
split 5......11.36 secs
time.........71.30 secs

Notes: I tried to concentrate on the lines on this run and get the power down early. The time was lost in the middle of the track (Country, Willow, Orchard and Farmhouse). I was getting understeer in the Esses and Chippy`s.

2nd Timed Run:
64ft.........2.74 secs
split 2......24.66 secs
split 3 .....19.53 secs
split 4.......17.99 secs
split 5.......11.89 secs
time.........76.81 secs

Notes: Due to the understeer experienced on the previous run I softened the front anti roll bar (moved the drop link approx. 30mm along the bar). The slow time on this run is due to me going off the track at Country Corner. I braked a bit later and did not make the corner. On reflection if I had come off the brakes and turned in I am sure I would have got around the corner. After this incident I then drove up the track quite steadily. However the car felt much better (before I went off), with less understeer yet still putting the power down well.

3rd Timed Run
Unfortunately no splits for this run.
time..........70.17 secs

Notes: I softened the front bar by moving the drop link another 20mm along the bar to its softest setting. I was pleased with the time though slightly disappointed not to get under 70 seconds. The car had less understeer, but is still putting the power down well out of corners. Turn in is still good. As the grip is increased at the front (by softening the bar) the likelihood of power down oversteer increases, but I am still able to accelerate hard out of the corners.

Summary: A very satisfactory first visit to Harewood. I was slightly disappointed not to get under 70 seconds though. I also have to up my comfort level of cornering speeds. I know the car will go around corners faster, I just have to up my speeds a little at a time. The secret is to drive at a level where I am just a little scared!
The class was one by Tim Elmer in an Imagination PH1 with a time of 58.52 seconds.