Mira 17th July 2004


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Mira is the Motor Industry Research Association near Hinckley in Leicestershire. The sprint takes place on their handling circuit and is high speed.


Map Of Mira Sprint Course

Map Of The Sprint Course. Sorry the map is of a poor quality it is the
best I could find.

From the start I accelerate around the first bend into 3rd gear then feather the throttle for
the remainder of the bend changing into fourth on the exit. The next left kink is taken
just about flat at around 100 mph. A heavy brake is required for the right left by
the control tower. On the exit of the left there is a tyre wall and crash barrier.



The following three pictures were taken by Steve of Steve Wilkinson Photographic
from the control tower.

Braking by the Control Tower.

By the look of the car I am braking hard here.


Braking Hard

Again braking hard.

The right hander by the control tower.

Going around the right hand bend by the control tower. This bend and the next left
is where time is lost at Mira. I think I was quite slow through here.


Car Set Up

As Mira is a fast sprint I thought I would start with a stiff set up and try the rear bar.

Springs: As before (Front 170 lb/inch, Rear 200 LB/inch)
Front ARB: Drop link on the rocker in the outer hole and in the neutral position on the bar.
Rear ARB: Fitted in the softest setting.
Dampers: Front Bump 8, Rebound 5. Rear Bump 5, Rebound 5.

1st Practice
64 ft...........2.56 secs
Time ..........61.03 secs

Notes: Oversteer! On the first long bend I was cornering hard in 3rd and the rear stepped out a little and I thought I was holding a power slide but it went too far and I was lucky to catch it. I only use 3rd and 4th gears.

2nd Practice:
64 ft...........2.65 secs
Speed........96 mph (speed trap on the straight before the control tower)
Time..........60.33 secs

Notes: Rear ARB removed for this run, still a little oversteer under power.

1st Timed Run:
64ft............2.52 secs
Speed ........99mph
Time...........58.78 secs

Notes: Front ARB put to full stiff. Car felt well balanced. Still going too slow through the Control Tower complex.

2nd Timed Run:
64 ft ...........2.45 secs
Speed ........105 mph
Time ...........58.69 secs

Notes: Took the left kink after the first bend with a very slight lift and the back end stepped out a little on the exit!


Summary: This was the fastest event I have done. The first and last bends were quite easy to get right as it was a matter of accelerating as hard as I could until the tyres reached their limit. The middle sector by the control tower was difficult to get right and is where I felt I was loosing time.
Also in my class was a Darrian (mid engined fibreglass bodied car) powered by a well tuned Vauxhall twin cam running on slicks. His best time was 54.44 secs with a speed of 107 mph.