MMOC Donington 25th & 26th June 2004


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This event was the Morris Minor Owners Club National Rally at Donington Race Circuit. Normally this is a static only event where the cars are parked up on a field for people to look at and be judged. However this year we had use of a small section of track known as the Melbourne Loop on the Saturday. I had paid for five laps and thought it would be a good chance for brother Robin to drive the car. I would also be able to see how the car looked at speed, how much it rolled, reacted over bumps etc.

The day was wet so it would be the first time the car had been driven hard in the wet. Robin enjoyed his laps and gave me useful feedback as to how the car felt. He said the car turned in very well but gave little feed back as to when the limit was reached. I also felt this, the steering did not give as much feedback as I expected at the limit of front tyre adhesion.

I managed to also get quite a few laps in as other people paid for me to take them around the track.

Sunday was static show day. I won a special award for my car. I received a nice certificate (below) and a bottle of polish and a cloth. It was great to get a useful prize instead of a cheap plastic trophy that gathers dust.