Retro Cars Show Santa Pod 4th July 2004


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This show was organised by Retro Cars Magazine. I was invited to be part of a display of feature cars that had or were going to appear in the magazine. It was also a special day as the issue that my car was featured in was available for sale.

One advantage of having the Show at Santa Pod was being able to use the quarter mile drag strip.


Show Flyer

Show Ticket

Over View Of The Show

These are the cars in front of the Retro Cars Magazine stand. There was also a big field of
club stands and trade stands. The mixture of cars was huge, from classic Japanese to
Group B rally cars.


The Minor On Display.

A rare moment without a crowd around the car.


A Crowd Around The Car

A more normal view of the car. It was nice to speak to so many people
who had watched the build up on my wesite.



One of the nicest cars, a Lancia.


On The Drag Strip.

Here I am on the drag strip. This picture was taken by Ian Blackett. He is a student
photographer looking for work on a magazine. This picture is for sale, prints are currently
a reasonable 5 for a 10x8 inch and 10 for a 12x16 inch photograph. Contact me and
I will forward your details to Ian.



Timing Ticket Run 1

The timing ticket for my first run. I was expecting 14`s so was quite happy.
I was also running into a head wind and this can make quite a diference.
I suffered a bit of tramp off the line and could not launch as hard as I
wanted. However the 60 ft time is pretty good.


Run 2.

The second run. For this run I upped the rebound damping at the rear
to try to cure the tramp. It helped. Check the 0.168 sec reaction time!


3rd Run.

My 3rd and final run of the day netted a 14.444 sec @ 94mph run.
I am very happy with this and feel that low 14`s are possible by
playing with the suspension and with no head wind..


The Show also had prizes. I was very pleased to win the Best Prepared
Race Car for which I recieved this very nice plate. Hopefully the show will take place next year
and be even bigger and better.