New Project Update 25th September 2002


New project (title page)

Update 3rd November 2002

Here are lots of pictures for you to look at. They show the panelling of the transmission tunnel, exhaust system down the side of the car, "A" post and the top of the engine. You will probably appreciate what I have been doing for the last couple of months. Each panel is removable. I have used M4 Rivnuts to attach each panel, these take quite some time to install.

All the pictures are on this page, as I am so into building the car at present I do not want to spend time putting them on the correct pages. I will get them on the correct pages in due time. I am spending lots more time on the car now, I want it done this winter.

Present jobs being done are all the parts required in the interior and electrical items. I can then mount switches, fuse box etc and sort the wiring and plumbing. I am basically finishing everything off now before the strip down and weld, clean etc..

There are 22 Pictures on this page, posted 25th September 2002

The near side bulkhead panel (above and below)


The gearbox tunnel. Above and below a lip is made for the vertical side to join to.


Above, a template.

Above and below, the tunnel.


Above and below around the handbrake and gearstick.


The panelling around the exhaust down the sill.





Above and below, panelling on the A pillar.


Above, Rivnut gun

Above and 3 below, panel above the engine, the box (left) is for the header tank, the other cutouts are access for plugs and injection.




K and N air filter in the front grill.