NSRA Hot Rod Nationals 2004


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This was the 14th annual NSRA Hot Rod Supernationals held at Old Warden. Previously it was held at Knebworth and I attended the first 5 or so events. Now I had a car again I thought I would see what the show was like.

I cruised down with Robin in his `32 on the Saturday morning in very hot sunny weather.

Saturday lunch time was an organised cruise around the local country side with a stop at a local village green with a BBQ and food laid on, very good.

Sunday was the main show day and I put my car onto the show ground with the boot lid and rear bulkhead panel removed so people could see the suspension.


The Minor on The Show Field

The Minor on the show field amongst a wide range of vehicles.


Most of the day it had quite a big crowd around it and I received a lot of
complementary comments, many saying it was the best vehicle there.


1932 Ford Hot Rod

Not many vehicles stood out but I did like this one. What does it for me are the big head lights.
Also on the show field were old favorites, Rapid Plumbing Hillman van, Rutherford `33 and
a very rare public appearance for Gary Ellis`s Nick Butler built Minor convertible. In fact it
was the first time I had ever seen this vehicle. Initially it did not look right because I was used to
seeing my wider Minor and his looked very narrow. But I soon got used to it and could
see why it looks so good.


I was all set to go home and I heard my name announced on the speakers, I had won an award.
This surprised me as I did not expect to win anything at a hot rod show.


Collecting my award.

This picture was kindly taken by Mike Pittaway an old (that is we have known him a long time and he is getting on a bit!) friend from the Minor days. Each car is driven into the arena so the people can see which car has actually won.


Driving around the arena.

I had to do a lap around the arena. My award was a "Special Award". They had two of these and a Karman Ghia
got the other.


The Trophy

This is the trophy I won. Sorry about the poor quality but I only have a very basic
digital camera.