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This page has links to reports of events I have done in the Morris Minor. I am competing in two championships, The Nottingham Sportscar Club and Harewood Hillclimb. The Nottingham championship is a mixture of sprints and hillclimbs. A sprint is a smooth flat tarmac track where each competitor is timed on his own for the length of the course from a standing start. Sprint courses vary from a lap of a racing circuit, kart tracks, airfields and country house drives. A hill climb is like a sprint (smooth tarmac, each competitor timed on his own) but the tracks go up hill.

At each event the aim is to get around the course in the shortest possible time. Most venues give a 64 ft time (if you can record 2 seconds for the 64 ft time it means you are pulling 1G acceleration, {acceleration due to gravity is 32 ft per second per second}) and a speed over the finish line. Some also provide splits along the course.

The cars that enter the events are split into different classes depending on engine size, type of car and modifications. Basically you start with standard road going cars with no modifications (these have to be road legal but some are still trailered to events), the next class allows more modifications and better tyres, the next even more modifications and slick tyres. Then there are classes for kit cars (Caterham 7, Westfields, Locosts etc) and racing cars.
There is also a class for cars that do not fit into any of the classes, this is know as Sports Libre which is the class my car runs in. In this class you can do nearly anything and tyre choice is free. Cars normally in this class are racing style cars with big slick racing tyres, Group B rally cars (Metro 6R4, Ford RS200 etc) and special road going cars like my Minor.

Most cars are trailered to events (most are not legal for road use and even ones that are often come on a trailer), I intend to drive my car to and (hopefully) from each event. I also will compete on the tyres (currently Michelin Pilot SX GT) that I drive to the event on.


Curborough Sprint 9th May
Harewood Hillclimb 15th May
Shelsley Walsh 16th May
Harewood Hillclimb 6th June
Morris Minor National Rally 26th & 27th June
Retro Cars Magazine Show Santa Pod 4th July
Mira Sprint 17th July
Curborough 2 lap Sprint 18th July
Harewood Hillclimb 1st August
NSRA Hot Rod Nationals Old Warden
3 Sisters Sprint 15th August
Harewood Hillclimb 29th August
Thoresby Sprint 18th September
Harewood Hillclimb 19th September
3 Sister Sprint 2nd October
Curborough Sprint 10th October