New Project Update 3rd November 2002


New project (title page)

Update 25th September 2002

Work has continued fitting all the items I require to get a working car. These items are mainly to do with the plumbing and wiring. I spent 2 days just sorting out where all the plumbing will go and what items I require.

It is quite difficult thinking how all the wires and pipes will run through the car, especially with so many removable panels. Also I wish to run all these items along the floor to keep the weight low!

I am currently doing little else except build the car. I go out a maximum of once a week and allow myself one bike ride a week (if the weather is good). This car will be finished soon!

There are 18 Pictures on this page, posted 3rd November 2002

Panel around the air filter looking from the front.



Panel around the air filter looking from above



An electric fan is fitted on the engine side on the radiator, to keep weight further back.



Brackets to mount the fan. They were not easy to position in exactly the correct position.



Bonding the air box back plate to the ram pipes.



The ram pipe on the left is as purchased, I modified them as per right by giving the lip
more of a radius and rolled round more. This gives better airflow.



A standard bonnet on my wide engine bay.



The bonnet cut. I cut each side of the centre bulge so it could be removed.
The bonnet will be shaped with filler and a new bonnet bulge put on.
A mold will be taken and a fiberglass bonnet made.


I welded box section to each half of the bonnet then welded pieces between them
to join both sides. It was not possible to weld in single pieces as I could not access the underside.



The widened bonnet. The hole in the top is to let the air out. Air will enter the radiator
through the gap in the front grill between the 2 pieces of masking tape.



As I am going to use the car for competition as well as road I require external activation of the
fire extinguisher and electrical cut off. They will be sited in this cut out. I will attach a cover when not competing.



The boot lid being widened. Again it will be filled and a fibreglass one made.



The widened boot, with number plate bulge removed. I will have a number plate airbrushed on.
This will safe weight!



A hole cut out for the exhaust with a lip welded on. The pipe will be shaped
practically flush with the body.



The master cylinders and brake proportioning valve. This valve does not just restrict
pressure to the rear brakes. What it does is nothing up to an adjustable pressure
then it restricts the pressure. It means I have ideal brake balance in all levels of grip.


Plate around the pedals. This plate does more than support my feet. It reinforces the brake
and master cylinder mounting and makes a big box to spread the load from the engine mount.



The dash display uses a sensor for speed. I have made 4 blocks attached to the prop
for it to detect speed. The plate the sensor attaches to is adjustable as the rear diffs are
different sizes.


The rear anti roll bar is being mounted here (even though I may not run with one)