Update Title Page

The following pages detail the build of the Minor. The first parts of the build are detailed in each car section (chassis, suspension etc) HERE but this was getting complicated so I then detailed the build with regular updates. These are shown below.


Minor Title page

2002 25th September

Paneling the interior in aluminium.

2002 3rd November

Mounting air filter & fan, ram pipes, widening bonnet & boot, brake valve, plate over pedal box and rear ARB

2002 1st December
The reservoirs around the diff, Saab release bearing, general plumbing, petrol tank components and leg protection plate.
2003 1st January

Very good overall pictures showing the rolling chassis and detail under the body work.

2003 9th January
Wiring the general electrics (lights, horn etc)
2003 19th February
Oil breather and washer bottles, floor mounting brackets, seat mods, brake balance bar adjuster, radiator ducting, heat insulation and wiring terminal demonstration
2003 20th March

Making the engine management wiring loom, bolt details, making the boot lid and front panel.

2003 12th May

Crank position sensor mounting, fitting the floor, putting boots on rod ends, steering centre marker, making the wings, the mess made by the fibreglass company on my boot, bonnet and front panel.

2003 20th June
Preparing the chassis for blasting and coating, more wing work, wood for the convertible hood, chassis blasting and coating, trial fitting panels to the chassis and most of the panels for the car in one photo.
2003 10th July
Finished front wing bucks, rears nearly done, the 3 wiring looms, petrol tank parts in detail, brake & clutch reservoirs.
2003 11th August
Rear wing bucks finished, carbon bonnet, boot and front panel, mounting panels, ducting the radiator.
2003 31st August
Fitting wires and pipes to the chassis, making anti roll bars, springs on the car, bare metal respray of the rear body work.
2003 24th September
Fitting parts to the car, more body work (paint), suspension alignment, engine going in, front inner wings.
2003 7th December
Curing a clutch fitting leak, rear body work finished and fitted, pedals, airbox, new silencer & starting work on front wings.
2004 9th January

1st drive report!!!!!! Rear bodywork, making carbon fibre panels, lots of other small jobs.

2004 11th February
More composite work and fitting the panels. Insulating panels near the exhaust. Exhaust gaskets.
2004 18th March
Insulating the exhaust with wrap, bumper mounts, body finishing, fitting hood frame, making windows, mapping the engine.
2004 14th April
Suspension setup.
2004 16th June
Windscreen, sill finishers, fire extinguisher, seat belt, window lifter, sump guard, bumpsteer, corner weights, hood making.